Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person? [infographic]

Our timelines are filled with cute (sometimes not so cute) photos of cats and dogs in every imaginable size and breeds. Happily we will share it around to get that likes and shares.

Have you ever wondered whether you are a cat person or dog person? Today’s infographic will help you re-discover your love for these domestic pets.

Recently Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, was in town to teach Singaporean folks how to discipline their dogs. Two of my colleagues paid $130 per ticket to be part of the pack and pick up some tips during the show. What was more shocking one of them don’t even a dog at the moment and she is a big fan of the TV show – the dog whisperer.

Another of my colleague (sorry can’t mention names) dislikes dogs and prefer the furry cat. As for me, I prefer an English Cocker spaniel but I’ve never own one or any pets for that matter. It’s quite normal to hear phrases like a dog or a cat is like the owner. I wonder do we get attracted to a certain species because of our personality and life preferences.

Some of the findings below may  surprise you. For example I am one who definitely wants to be centre of attraction at a party and that makes me a dog person.  A cat person is more likely to be women and more likely to be liberal, and creative. No argument there.  A dog person more likely to own an iPhone (I have no idea how they came up with that on). Dog is definitely more popular however cat ownerships are  higher.

Even without the infographic I know I am a dog person simply because they are full of live and love and that resonates with who I am. I hope you pick up some similarities or otherwise to you from below. After you decided share this post with everyone, get your BFF to do it and compare notes later,  over brunch this weekend.