History Of Coffee [infographic]

Our coffee history, without any certainty, starts with the Legend of Kaldi in the Ethiopian highlands. Kaldi, supposedly, a very observant goatherd discovered coffee after noticing that his goats, upon eating berries, became vivacious and refused to sleep at night. Amazed with the discovery, Kaldi, approached the abbot at a local monastery and shared the phenomenon. The drink made with the berries helped the abbot very much since he has had trouble sustaining himself for the long evening prayers. Coffee was born. As the stories of this miraculous drink was passed down, it quickly reached the Arabian Peninsula where it became the staple for many. The coffee drinking became a daily ritual and later became the pride and joy of the people. Words & trade spread coffee around the globe and up to now. You can easily find your favorite cuppa at your local cafe, or conveniently make one at home. We all agree drinking coffee is an important part of our daily life. The infographic today discusses in detail the history of coffee and I love how it starts with:

“The world wouldn’t work without coffee”

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