How Legos changed the world

I come across many infographics on a daily basis. Some are delivered to my Inbox and many quickly shared, and commented on my Facebook Timelines. Whatever the medium some always stand out (viral opportune) and capture my attention. Even though infographic suppose to translate some complex data and presented in easy-to-understand visual, some designers or infographics maker (I’ll like to call them that) produce some brilliant ones. One such is this Legos infographic packed with bite sizes information about the company and its evolution. I am not a Legos kid and I never quite understand why. My only worry is what happens after I built that ship or house. Clearly I am mistaken. Though I still see my childhood was filled with other nurturing activities it good have been better with some Legos bricks around. I guess it’s not too late because I can still get the Technics serious and brick-patch the gap. If you are a Legos fan then you are definitely going to enjoy this. Once you done do share it along, please.


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