How to choose a #Hashtag

If you are regular on Twitter, it’s hard to miss the prefix “#” (number sign) moving through your feed. It’s commonly known as the Hashtag. The popularity have moved to other social media platforms with Facebook as recent adopters. In the beginning maybe it’s a bit hard to put your head around this whole hashtag madness. The reason I say this it’s because some people do go a bit crazy. I’ve seen one whole tweet is a collection of hashtag.

So what does “Hashtag” do and why is it important. Simply put Hashtag helps you to thread a conversation. Rather then following someone’s tweet you can get your followers to follow a specific Hashtag. Twitter and other apps like Tweetdeck allows you to search and save hashtag conversations.

What if you are a brand or business and would like to create a hashtag, what are your options.